5 Modern Web Design Trends for the Outstanding Site in 2020

How can Crosspoint Designs help you today? 

Today we are starting to see some design elements that will be best and successful over the years to come. Most of these trending web design themes are buildings of components that have been growing in design projects – more color, rule-breaking typography, and the use of minimalism approach.

There are many big trends starting to arise rush as dark mode features and more trending interfaces that react digitally. 

Here we will break down a few elements that we will reference in future projects. 

1. Minimalize

Minimalism is a classic design trend that uses the main concept of white space. Making your web presence easily accessible on multiple devices will overall help build your digital footprint. 

The best thing about this design trend is that its strong and very simple. It will most likely never go out of style, its elegant and easy on the eyes.

Whitespace not only creates harmony and helps building a brand, but it can also be used to lead a reader through elements. The main goal is to make your website look simple and uncluttered. This will provide a strong delivery for your information and overall success.  

2. Dark Mode: 

Many users are now switching to “dark mode” on apps and other interfaces. We are now seeing a rise of websites that are also creating designs with a dark aesthetic. (Users have said they want it, so designers are delivering.)

What makes these dark mode designs to nice? The dark interfaces are complemented with bright elements and icons. Dark mode makes and typography stronger and helps ensure that the content is readable.

“I believe that one of the main trends of 2020 will be dark design, mainly focusing on UI design giving users an option to enable dark theme. Dark backgrounds make design elements stand out more, creating a higher contrast ratio with the use of other colors, but still improving visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain.”  – DarkDesign Studio

3. Layers that Overlap:

Overlapping layers and elements won’t provide a 3D effect, but they do add depth into your designs. Providing dimension to your appearance is important in being modern and relevant. Keeping your design sleek and user friendly will help engage your audience. 

You can overlap anything! Images or video, boxes and backgrounds, elements and icons. The important component is making sure the interface scrolls smoothly and efficiently.  

4. Color Changing Gradients:

I remember in my early stages of logo and digital development to stay away from color changing gradients. 

As the digital world modernizes in cleaner aesthetics Crosspoint Designs is here to help you. Providing strong background images with multi-color gradients and elements has been the new design trend. 

Logos now use the small use of multi changing gradients to share a subtle idea of depth.  Color changing gradients will give your website a new modern look that will help engage your viewers to want to view more.

5. Immersive 3D elements: 

3D visuals have always been a favorite to individuals. This trend is and will most likely will always be a growing trend in society. As technology grows and becomes more accessible to designers, we are now able to produce intense 3D effects and elements. 

Realistic 3D is something you might see on the homepage of a site. Something really intense and technical looking. Interactive 3D design encourages users to stay longer. As this technology becomes easier for us to learn and use you will see a huge rise in the use of integrating immersive 3D elements. 

Some new software that is accessible is VR and AR. Until these elements become more price efficient it is harder to implement these ideas. 


Crosspoint Designs has the experience and knowledge to help your web presence and how you are viewed to the world. 

Many modern elements can work with each other to provide a modern and sophisticated look. With experience in digital media, film, and much more we can help provide an engaging website that showcases your vision.  We know all of the latest tricks to give you a unique look, whether it be through the use of typography or multi changing gradients we can give you the look you deserve. 

These are some of the newest web design trends solutions we are now offering at Crosspoint Designs. These are well thought out, modern approaches to web success. 

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