What is the Importance of SEO for your Online Business?

Importance of SEO

Our experts at Crosspoint Designs work to gain continuous knowledge and practice in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), having the right SEO can make all the difference that you might be missing for your online business. Here at Crosspoint we’re here to give you answers on SEO and what we have to offer you.

Creating your new website using Wix or GoDaddy, or having a different hosting service, does not guarantee that your site will appear in Google searches. Taking the extra step to advertise your site can make all the difference.

Our CrossTurbo Search Engine (SEO) and Online Marketing Service helps to draw the attention of more users/clients. Having key words to draw back to your business helps to rank searches locally and nationally.

Crosspoint Designs provides not just services but also knowledge about what our services are so that you can also be a part of the process. Briefly will explained the importance of SEO, how to determine who to hire, and White Hat vs Black Hat SEO along with how this can affect search rankings.

How does SEO work?

SEO consists of strategies and smart practices which improves a website’s ranking in search engines, hence the name Search Engine Optimization.

There are two types of SEO: On-page and Off-page. Anything that you can control on your website to improve your rankings is On-page SEO. For example, header text, site speed, keyword presence etc. Anything done on other websites that influence your rankings is off-page SEO which normally refers to links.

Crosspoint Designs takes the time, enlighten others of SEO, and successfully use the on and off page SEO factors to create a website that is optimized for high rankings when being shown in search engines. 

Why is SEO important?

Sites that are ranked highly by Google for each query in their search engine, are determined through SEO. Without the use of an SEO, search results can be manipulated to benefit the sites with a larger amount of links or pages, thus making them consistently top ranked.

SEO maintains the fairness in search results which is key to help diminish the manipulation, the sites that appear during a search are there because they earned the spot to be highly ranked. Putting in the work and presenting an appeal to an audience creates the guidelines to being ranked highly in search engine results.

Search engines have a level of trust, attaining a high ranking gives users a sense that your site is a credible. Being on a higher rank allows more traffic, creating possible new cliental, repeating customers, and attention to the site.

Competitors pay top dollar for paid traffic to a website. Crosspoint Designs wants to bring our cost-effective SEO to your new site! Continuing to pay for ad space can only get so far within that set area, this feature works great for those with tight budgets looking to get the attention to their site without having to pay top dollar.

Should I hire an SEO professional, consultant, or agency?

Basic SEO can even be done by yourself! Some key factors to help determine would be dependent on your bandwidth, strive for learning, and the complexity of your website(s). 

Many agencies and consultants can claim they provide SEO services, but the quality delivered can range. Doing research on the companies who offer this service can save time and money, using the wrong SEO techniques can lead to paying more to fix the mistakes.

White hat vs Black hat SEO

SEO techniques, strategies, and smart practices that follow search engine rules, is called “White hat SEO”, which emphasizes on giving more significance to people.

SEO techniques, strategies, and practices that try to spam/fool search engines are called “Black Hat SEO”. Although this method does work it puts sites at risk of being penalized or removed from search results.

Doing research is an important factor when looking into web services from a company. Crosspoint designs can assess your site and see what service(s) needs to be done to your site as well as help to figure out which areas of SEO should be focused on. We’re here every step of the way to provide professional services and updates to your site today!

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